Thursday, 17 June 2021

And the Sun Beat Down

 Week commencing 14th June 2021

On the First day back off my week break in Wales I did a quick walk around the station to see what had been accomplished in my absence.

Spear fencing had been completed down the platform 2 slope down to the end post , the last 2 panels have only been bolted together , access being required in the future . Gate also had been fitted.

Gate latch had been completed on the stairs leading down to the Signal box locker room.

And at the foot of the footbridge stairs the canopy extension pillars had been erected.

Back to Monday

Peter and Dave went down to Winchcombe in the Morning to carry on with the window repairs, which left Brian and Pat on Gardening duties.

On Wednesday

Peter gave his newly planted  shrubs a good watering

Dave and Ian went to Hayles Abbey to touch up the paint on the running in board

First train of the day " P and O " was quite impressive thundering by .

Julie managed the shop and made quite an impressive sum of money for the  " Friends of Broadway ", the passenger numbers seam to be on the increase .


Mike and Clive were using the last of the paint up on the spear fencing.

Ian and Dave back from their trip did a bit of tidying and planting down by the entrance sign.

Second train of the day was  " Formarke Hall " gleaming as usual in the mid day sun.


Wednesday, 9 June 2021

The Wednesday Gang.

 Wednesday 9th June

Vic was on Station Staff duty today and took photos of the activity that was taking place.

Chris our Safety Adviser was on duty.

Ladies Loo. Tony and a different plumber sorted out the problems and it's all go now no more leaks.

Peter was adding yet more plants to the driveway embankment, strimming and tidying as he went along.

On his way for the morning break, followed by the Spear Fence gang.

First train of the day was hauled by Foremark Hall.

Pat was strimming down near Broadway Station Bridge.

Ray, Clive and Mike were giving more paint to the Spear Fence. Thanks for wave Ray. Clive got to the Picnic Benches first.

Neal was persevering with adjustments to the footbridge.

Platform 2 end of the slope to the Barrow Crossing was having the finishing touches to the spear fence. It now requires both Platforms to be levelled and shaped ready for when Platform 2 opens sometime in the future.

The last train of the day was hauled by P&O. Here it's doing its run around.

A mishap photo showing it was a sunny day with shadows, who pressed the button?

Dave is in Wales this week I'm there next week. So Blog readers may have to wait for the next instalment.

Monday, 7 June 2021

Tidy Again

Monday 7th June 

In preparation for the coming week, it was the clearence and tidy up Broadway gang at it again.

Vic swept the car park area and cleared the beginning of the wall garden.

Brian & Vic sorted out a leak in the ladies loo.

No photo of this.

Brian doing a bit of PR work with a number of visitors who come up to the station.

Peter returning after an exercise of clearing the embankment.

Pat was also recovering after a session with the lawn mowers.

Ian was getting instructions from his wife. OOah.


Mike was painting bits of the Spear Fence

John S and Neal were working on the steps of the footbridge.

There is a lot of trimming required on these tongue and grooved boards.

Back on Wednesday.

Thursday, 3 June 2021

Keeping the Station Tidy

 Week commencing 31st May

Just the one day this week due to the Bank holiday . it was a warm sunny day and we had a healthy turn out of volunteers.

 It was the usual keep fit start to the day moving one of the new spear fences up to the slope on platform 2

Pat made an early star on cutting of the grass behind platform 2 

 Clive was on painting duties

First train of the day  , reasonably  full , things are looking up

Clive later joined Mike on the spear fencing

Brian was strimming the edges of various sectionns of the garden and platforms , whilst down the drive Peter Q was planting more flowers and keeping everything up together.

Dave continued his job of cleaning up of container 1 , and later went on to sweeping up the platform at the north end of platform 1.

Second train of the day was " P and O "

Down on the end of the slope on platform 2 Terry and Keith were positioning the where the post at the end of the spear fencing will go.

At the other end of the spear fencing ,Peter K and Ian were positioning where the gate latch will go.

There was sad news today that Gordon Wood had passed away . Gordon had been one of the  volunteers at the early days of the construction of Broadway Station  and expertise helped in its construction.

RIP Gordon


Friday, 28 May 2021

Even Fewer

Monday 24th May

When Vic arrived there was only one volunteers car in the Station car park. Where is everyone? Gone on holiday or sick leave.

Vic purchased some plants from a farmer, giving the locals a helping hand. So where to put them?

A Pink Phlox in the entrance garden.

A Pink Geranium in the flower pot under the Running in Board.


A Sedum Plant in Platform 1 flower bed and Box plants along the edge. Plus Aqualiga in the Picnic Area.

Dave, Brian and Jo took the finished Hayles Abbey Running In Board back to the Halt.


On the Footbridge Neal and John S were finishing off the Seal inserting and preparation for painting.

Wednesday saw the Wednesday gang appear , even they were a man down , so still low on the usual numbers .

They carried on with the installation of the gate posts an then carried on with the spear fencing down the slope.

Clive was right behind them on the brush .

Vic who was Station Assistant today got hungry in the afternoon. A cup of tea and a piece of cake in Broadway Station Cafe. Yummee!

 Posts almost ready for the gate !

A photo from Terry showing what was accomplished by the end of the day.

Two trains today , second train of the day was pulled by  " Dinmore Manor "

Friday 28th May

A Memorial Tree was planted today in memory of  Rodney James Stephens husband of Julie who manages the Friends of Broadway Sales Shop.

The tree is a Pyrus Salicifolia Padola.

Also today Saturday 29th Neal had progressed further with the panel boards on the footbridge.

Vic and Dave