Thursday 11 April 2024

April Showers !

 Week Commencing 8th April 2024


Always the threat of rain so just the 3 turned up , in the end just an odd shower.

First the Monday shot of Platform 2  , nothing happening here but its all happening behind the scenes !
Whilst I was doing a gas bottle change at Toddington I saw delivery's  of materials that will be used being put onto the trucks  , eventually to be taken up to Broadway via rail.

All happening down the drive , Peter was fitting the newly refurbished leaflet holder to the notice board.

Dave was  at the rear of the board where rain deflectors had been fitted and another coat of paint applied..

Brian was pulling out the thistles before they could get a serious foot hold.

Which were then delivered to the bonfire area.

Later the strimmers were heard.

Notice board all finished now.


It rained most of the day . But 5 turned out . Chris and Dave did a bit of tidying up on the drive.

Pat who says the rain doesn't bother him was stimming behind platform 1 , And elsewhere Dave and Ian were sorting out the container .

Locomotives on duty today were Foremarke Hall and Dinmore Manor.


Thursday 4 April 2024

Wednesday Goings on !

 Wednesday 3rd April 2024

Just the Wednesday working this week as Easter Monday was a non working day.. Just the 3 of us at the start of the day with Pat joining us later.

First out with the Easter sign and up with the Cotswold Festival of Steam Banner. , its only 8 weeks away !!

Both the shops are open , our Friends of Broadway shop manned by Julie had a steady trade .

Pat was cutting the grass down the drive whilst opposite Brian was strimming the edges of the fence.

Dave finally got the Notice board up at the bottom of the drive ,the leaflet holder was having a 2nd coat of paint so it didn't make it.

After how many months we finally saw some Locos in the station , Today Dinmore Manor and P and O were on duty.


Friday 29 March 2024

Bring on the Season !

 Week Commencing 25th March 2024

Firstly the shot of Plarform 2 , all quiet as per last week waiting for the next phase to start .

Myself and Pat weren't around on Monday but the remaining Volunteers had been busy putting out the platform furniture .

Benches and Waste bin containers are now in their place for the start of the Season and arrival of the trains this coming Friday.
The pictures tell a lie weather wise , shortly after the heavens opened up and it rained most of the day.
So into the containers we headed. Peter worked on a new leaflet holder for the notice board , they change the size of leaflets every year  !

Except for one volunteer , who  even as it was raining decided to clean the windows and frames. 

Young Dave took a shut downs worth of rubbish to the big bin.

One board that didn't get put up was the new notice board , maps and time tables had to be laminated and then put behind a Perspex sheet ( to stop them being taken ! ) Just needs the leaflet holder to be finished and mounted.

As I have said the trains to Broadway start this Friday , so hears to another season  . Hope to see you on any of the Wednesdays we are always around for a chat.


Thursday 21 March 2024

Boards and Posters

 Week Commencing 18th March 2024

Usual volunteers turned up on Monday , turned out nice again , must be spring time !

First look at platform 2 , block work completed and they spent the day filling in the gap between the blocks . I heard that that the little bridge would be removed this week and the trucks with the spoil would also be taken away .

First job of the day was the putting back of the running board , needed 4 volunteers to lift it into position .

Over on platform 1 Mike and Peter were on the spear fencing.

Brian's new sign for the bottom of the drive was also put on its posts.

Dave put the surrounds back on the running in board , just needs the letters and the surrounds getting a final coat of white paint to finish it off ( but we cant find the pot of white paint ? )

The sign at the bottom of the drive was up and the 1st poster of the year was also erected.


Dave picked up the new notice board also for the bottom of the drive ,from Winchcombe where it had been sign written by the carriage and wagon team. My Thanks to them .

Pat was giving platform one a going over with the pressure washer especially the dirty white line. 

At the north end of platform 1 and around the running in board we have noticed an increase in the number of Primulas , nobody knows where they came from but they certainly brighten up that area.

Chris and young Dave were also around today , Chris caught doing a bit of weeding at the front of the station.

The trouble with cutting down trees is that they always leave a stump . This one in the small seating area was a bit of a trip hazard , so we have tried covering it with one of the benches . It works to a fashion but watch this space.

Nothing like a bit of wheelbarrow racing at the end of the Day , my money was on the big feller !.

I forgot to mention that our Pat also wanders off to cut the grass at Hayles Abbey Halt , " a couple of visits and its looking tidy for the Easter Trains. 


Friday 15 March 2024

Spring Time At Broadway ?

 Week Commencing 11th March 2024

Firstly the Monday shot of platform 2 , Block work to damp course almost there , just a few blocks for the inner walls and fire place to do.

Back on the other side yet another coat of black on the running board from Ian

And Dave was having a trial fit of some new edging , made by our good friends from the Carpentry dept down at Winchcombe.

Brian was making some blocks to hold up his new sign.

Ian gave the new edging a coat of primer

And Brian fitted his blocks !

Up on the spear fencing saw Peter  endlessly rubbing down 


The one piece of edging for the running board had bolt holes through it , the new running board has sunken bolt holes and the edging should cover them . two new ends were manufactured and they replaced either end.

We finally got a new replacement for the broken soap dispenser .

Pat was on killing moss duties.

The running in board got flipped over and a final coat of light stone was applied , maybe next week if we have enough volunteers on site it will get put back up ?

Billy goat came out , as it was dry to clean up the pavement down the drive

And Peter