Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Catch the little B....R !

Wednesday 16th January

There were 10 of us today on and around the Station today and one or two who should not have been there.but more of that later.

The most technical job of the day was done by Bob , with a little help from Mike ? was the commencement of the tiling of the Kitchen above the work tops.

There was a  lot of cutting to be done around the sockets made for a slow and steady job, but at the end of the day two opposite walls were complete. Just needs a bit of Grouting to round them off.

It will soon be time to say farewell, to what used to be our cement hut ! Later this week its due to start a new life down at Hayles Abbey Halt as their storage hut. Pat and Vic had the task of emptying and relocating of what was once stored in there.

Vic caught in the act of hiding stuff in no 1 container !

Elsewhere Pete and Brian carried on with the construction of the storage cupboard .

Whilst Dave gave the running in board and other parts more coats of paint.

To the south Line side Clearance were at it again , you can always spot them by the billowing smoke.

Out the front the car park was coming along , new drainage had been laid out , and the old top coat had removed.

To the story in the title .

This morning Julie came to open the shop to sort the every grateful piles of donations , when she found evidence of a visit from one or two little rodents . Mice being what they do best  like to nibble . luckily mostly it was the odd stuff on the floor. and not the books on the shelves. Holes were blocked all around the hut by Dave and Brian, and at least 4 rodents traps were put out to catch it or them . Watch this space.

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

A New Year

9th January 2019

FOBS Working Teams

It was all go at Broadway Station today.

The Woodwork Team and The Café.

Peter, David H and Brian were in the Woodwork Shop. Another rubbish/recycle bin was moved out of the Woodwork Shop. A replacement Running in Board can be seen in the photo. A start was made on the outdoor cupboard for the Café.

In the Café Kitchen, Tony and Bob were sorting out some of the fixtures prior to tiling on the wall.
Tables and chairs have arrived for the Café.

Ground Work

Pat and Vic were busy raking up more pine needles - a never ending task! At the top of the drive our contractors were fitting the drainage system prior to the driveway being tarmac coated.


John B, Julie and Steve were in the shop today, sorting out old stock and finding an intruder. Poor Teddy had been attacked by a four legged fiend. How do they find their way in? Mice!!

Another Ground Work Team

The Trackside Clearance Team turned up today to commence the clearing of the embankment between Childswickham Bridge and Broadway Bridge, starting at the Station end.

Alternative Transport

Most of our teams arrived by car, but we did have an alternative. It was ballast time at Toddington! The arrival of a diesel loco signified the departure of the ballast wagons.

Other Visitors

The Health and Safety Team had a meeting to risk assess the arrival of the footbridge metalwork for the first set of steps arriving next week.
The Fire Alarm Service Engineer also inspected the alarm system and confirmed all was well.
A couple from the Caravan Club and one person from Broadway Village also popped in to view the Station and give congratulations on the Station's appearance.

Vic (Blog Reporter)

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Broadway Ablaze

Wednesday 2nd January 2019

A gang of 7 made Broadway today for the first Volunteering day of the New Year. A cold start to the day greeted us at the station, so it was time warm up with a bit of manual labour. The trains and the passengers have all vanished until next March , so we decided it was best to put the wooden benches and bins under cover for the rest of the winter.

Ron above starts the moving of the bins and later benches and bins are stored under the canopy.

After , Dave and Ron headed over to the Platform 2 Running in Board , The Board had been a temporary sign erected over 5 years ago by the 2 Peters . The letters had been  made out of plywood and over time,  they were literally falling to bits . Time for new letters so we thought.

The board  was bought back to the work area and examined , we thought the frame may have been okay but it  was a lot worse than we expected , hence the title of the blog .

Too bad to save, so onto the fire !

Never mind we can rattle up another one .

Dave and Ron chopped and screwed a new frame up, as  "Tommy Cooper " would say ,just like that , and with the Clive's help the first coat of primer was applied by the end of the day.

Elsewhere Mike had finished the waterproof coating of the Station roof space ceiling .

Also Tony and Bob had the unenviable job of working in the warm , putting chairs and tables together !!!

Pete was on his hands and knees starting the installation of a new cupboard for the kitchen / cafe cleaning utensils and storage etc.

Below are a few pictures from Vic which he took on the previous week.

Sunday 30th December

It's the Christmas Cracker weekend with mixed traffic arriving at Broadway Station.

The Morning Train.

The Night Train

New Years Day 2019

P&O plus Foremark Hall and Class 37 D6948 were the engines for 1st Jan 2019.

The Taxi Service

We had the availability at short notice of Graham and his Route Master Bus

Bernard Dudfield

It was announced over the weekend that another well known member of GWSR passed away. RIP Bernard.

Bernard at Broadway Station fixing a mileage sign.

Friday, 14 December 2018

Our First Post

19th December 2018

Welcome to our first post for  " The Friends of Broadway Station ".

We aim to show on this blog what the volunteers are busy with, in and around the Station on the Wednesday`s and Saturday`s.

The major works will still be shown on our Broadway Station Rebuild Blog as and when they happen , this blog will show the work that keeps the station looking in tip top condition.

An added feature of this blog is the link on the right to the camera , it shows live streaming via a 3rd party link.
This may not be the final position of the camera, but its a start . the bandwidth of our Broadband may determine how many can get a streaming image so bear with if it slows down.
Hope you enjoy the live action !

A pleasant day after yesterdays stormy weather was a welcome sight at Broadway Station , the trouble was , as it is  at Cheltenham race course Station , is mainly the Trees .when the wind blows down come the branches and needles by the bucket full , no by the wheelbarrow full , several of them , wheelbarrows of course.
Several pictures below Broken branches and debris that took Vic,Paul, Ron, Bob ,Clive and Tony most of the day to clear away from down the Driveway , the Station Platform and on the Track bed.

Paul at the in the middle with yet another barrow load , and Ron on the track bed clearing away the needles and parts of trees to make everything safe for the up and coming running days.

Clive seen here at the hot end of the trips with the barrows, a steady supply of needle kept the fires burning all day.

Mike the lone painter finished touching up the skirting board in the Station Store room.

Previously the room had been cleared so the floor could be painted , soon as Mike had finished everything got piled back in readiness  for the after Christmas running days.

A nice floor never to be seen like this again !

Bob and Ron had found the missing screws to complete the build of the first Cafe / restaurant table ! the two likely lads of Dave and Brian quickly tested the set and demanded various food and drink items to complete the test , none were forth coming . Kitchen not open yet ( poor excuse )

Dave and Brian demanding service !

Elsewhere around the Station, Pat modified the hover grass cutter and tested it was working correctly. Dave and Brian in number 2 container completed more shelving to store and keep wood dry, and Brian gave Waste Bin number 5 the final touches.

All in all a quiet ending to an eventful year for the Volunteers at Broadway.

And Finally can we wish all our Blog readers 

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year