Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Nearly back to Normal

 Monday 3rd October 2022

What with a State funeral and an Holiday, Mondays at Broadway seamed a distant memory , but this week saw a grand total of 8 volunteers turn out.

The heavy rain and blustery conditions of the previous weeks saw the approach to the Station looking grubby to say the least.

Tony was on the blower , whilst Ron , Brian , Peter and Ian were on the brushes and wheel barrows

The view from above , lots and lots of needles from the trees yet again.

Afterwards the drive nearly back to normal , we headed up to platform 1 and started there.

Tony took to trimming the bushes , whilst Chris  did a spot of weeding.

Peter and Ron went back down the drive and cleared the embankment by the fence , just the one bag full .

Mike was trying to keep the spear fencing panel's looking good with fresh coat of paint.

Elsewhere Dave and Ian were working on the new barrier.

In the container our newly Donated Pillar Drill was being fixed to the work bench ready for use , just needs PAT testing now.



Tuesday, 13 September 2022

Like Being at the Seaside

 Monday 12th September 2022

Last week we had seen the slabs around the station building cleaned with a steam pressure washer , the problem with that it tends to blow all the sand from out the cracks in-between the slabs. 

So as weather for the day was forecast to be dry and warm , it was decided to refill the gaps.

Dry Kiln Sand is what you need , Dave filled the deep holes , whilst Peter and Ron brushed the sand into the shallow cracks.

Brian joined us .

The view from the camera , the world watching us at work.


Half way done !

Afterwards Ron , Mike and Brian headed to the end of Platform 1

Ron did a bit of clearing up.

Mike gave the new gate a lick of paint.

Brian gave the top of the bank a raking of old and dead vegetation.

Mike later still headed onto platform 2 to do a bit of white edging.

Elsewhere Peter was making handles for the Truggs and Dave was working on Barrier number 2.


Tuesday, 6 September 2022

Something Different

 Monday 5th September 2022

The early birds today had a bit of rush on , they had to remove all the platform furniture from the platform around the station building.
Reason was the slabs around the building were having a bit of a clean up. Years of spills had made parts of the platform looking very grubby , time for the big boys to do their stuff.

With all the seats , sack trucks and trolleys moved out of the way , this little device appeared , driven by a small diesel motor inside , its a pressure washer on steroids.

First pass is with a rotating brush and steam heat.

Second pass was with a pressure washer to blow away the dirt .

The finished product before everything went back , Mike took the opportunity to give the windows a good clean , whilst there was nothing in the way.

The weather in the morning was sunny , but the previous days rain had blown a fair amount of debris off the trees.

Peter , Dave and Ian on the blower soon made the area presentable.

Mike taking advantage of the good weather gave the station windows another coating of brown gloss.

Chris gave the garden area a trim. and Brian down the drive kept the grass and weeds under control.

After putting the seats etc back, ready for the next days visitors .Dave and Ian resumed the constructing of the new wooden barriers.

As the photo shows it has started to rain , most of the volunteers by then had vanished , just Dave and Ian left working on the second barrier in the relative dryness of the container !

As some ( many ) had noticed the camera was looking a lot lower than it should ( no thanks to the station staff with a brush ) it has now been put back to its original position.
I do monitor the camera a few times a day , so if it goes wrong I will know , so please can I asked you to be patience and not to bother anybody else . It will get fixed as soon as it can.



Friday, 2 September 2022

camera problem

 2nd September 2022

Just to say that we are aware of the camera problem . which was caused by a member of staff with a brush trying to clean a spiders web off the lens .

Unfortunately it will have to wait till Monday when we next attend Broadway. 

Luckily somebody passing by has straightened it. 

Tuesday, 23 August 2022

A Fair Old Day

 Monday 22nd August 2022

Pat and I were late ish back from our gas bottle changing duties at Toddington some body had parked the Maroon rake way out of the station, in the siding north of the station, just before the viaduct.

On arriving back at Broadway , we had missed some of the early morning action ! Due to the amount of debris on the drive it had been decided to get the blower out to aid with the tiding up.

A mention of 8 wheel barrows full but I only saw Ian with the one.

Eventually there was Peter Q with another, whilst Pat was ready for go with the hover mower.

On the car park side of the station the grate on the manhole was being its usual stubborn self , all manor of levers were being used to prise it out of its holder. eventually it popped out , giving access to the vast amount of needles that seams to accumulate in it.

Peter K was working on the new gate. Whilst down the slope Brian Had been clearing the area of dead vegetation.

During the day we had a visit from a strange form of transport ,  " The Weed Killer Train "

Peter K and Ian showed off their handy work a nice new gate post and gate , just needs a tidy up and a lick of paint.

Elsewhere Dave and Brian went off to get some wood for the new barriers that will replace the aging metal ones at the end of the platforms.

Last Wednesday Dave and Ian dropped off half of the Broadway style waste bins at Toddington. 

Whilst at Toddington " Alycidon " was being made ready to go home after a very successful Deltic day last Friday.

If you weren't able to make it, here are the two  " Deltics " running around the train at Broadway.

 " Royal Highland Fusilier "

 " Alycidon "


Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Not that Hot

 Monday 15th August 2022.

The temperature was in the high 20 `s but after the previous days 30 degree plus, it didn't seam that hot for the usual team of volunteers that turned up this Monday.

All this dry weather has done our platform furniture no good , it has dried the wood out and some of our tables were on the loose and wobbly side . The usual fix is to now use fence bolts to add another fixing to the bolted on wood. It works well but alas Dave ran out of those too.

Pat was on the bank behind the mess hut.

Whilst Peter Q  having watered the the embankment plants earlier set about making more Trug handles on home made lathe.

Ian was coming back from a spot of gardening.

  Mike had brought back the Lincat boiler from the repairers , reconnected electricity and water to it and was undergoing testing. No more waiting for the kettle to boil.

Outside the cafĂ© where one of the Litter bins used to live ( its now been moved ) several stains have appeared on the platform slabs , Brian set about trying to return the slabs back to a reasonable condition. Using hot water and detergent and his knowledge of past cleaning of the decks on various ships  gave it a good go. 

Last week Peter K cut a hole in the spear fencing this week a test fit of a gate .

Dave and Ian later worked on the last of the bins, nearly ready for shipping to Toddington. 

Another thing that Peter made were some metal feet for a new barrier which go at the end of the platform to replace the old metal ones which are falling to bits.

Dave had then bolted some uprights to them , just trying to work out how high to make them with the temp horizontal wood.

Don't forget its Deltic day this Friday , we should have both " Royal Highland Fusiliers " and " Alycidon "running all day. 


Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Warming up again

 Monday 8th August 2022

Another hot one at Broadway , every thing including the weeds have stopped growing but lots of old vegetation needed to be removed.

Pat and myself had been on early morning gas bottle changing on the restaurant coach , so when we arrived back at Broadway things had been on the go , in some cases about 7 ish !.

Mike had set up his stall .

He was preparing to paint the end screen.

Brian was scraping the bank of old Vegetation

Peter who was a very early bird had finished watering his plants . and was putting the hose away , we were wondering how long before we can use the hose , its a lot easier than watering cans on the slope.

Later in the morning mike had moved on to the 4 small toilet windows .

To make life easier for us old folks , Peter K was asked to put a small gate in the spear fencing at the top of the slope , to give access to the bank. his idea to use the old cut out spear fencing as the gate and make a new support on the right .

Peter brought me in a new bit for my home made mini wood lathe , a bearing with a revolving centre.

A bit of modification to the old lathe was needed to make it fit on the left side , but alas once the sun rose over the nearby trees it became too hot to test it out.

It was Brian's Birthday  ( bar a day ) so what better way to celebrate than a bit of Chocolate cake , no candles that would have been be a serious fire risk !