Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Monday Feeling

17th June 2019

The Gardening Team

Tony, Pat and Vic were busy around the station clearing, cutting and weeding.

Tony first set about clearing the driveway from fallen fir cones, then moved on to cut the grass in the picnic area and along the north bank on platform 1.

Pat with his trusty strimmer tided up the embankment along side the driveway.

Vic cleared the flower beds. First under the Broadway Station sign, then the bed opposite and finally by the spear fencing. This allowed the bedding plants some day light.

Painting and Footbridge

Mike S and John S did a bit of painting. Neil C adding things to the bridge


Dave H was busy in the carpenters workshop. This is the notice board for the driveway.


We had as usual a fair number of visitors, some from the Caravan Club Site preparing for their visit when trains are running, we also had a visit from Brian M who was our main grass strimmer looking better after his severe illness.

Alternative transport

As trains were not running today this was the other way to get to Cheltenham.

Wednesday 19th June

New Gardener

Vic is well pleased he now has another helper. Here Chas is finishing the GWR sign and planting a Laurel and the rain has certainly made these plants grow.

The Station

It was a Purple timetable today, so two steam engines. First in was King Edward 11. The Booking Office is ready and the Café. Tickets purchased and is the train on its way.

Friends of Broadway Station Shop

Steve was manning the shop today and received a visit from Terry. Some of the delightful pictures on sale.

Construction and Maintenance Team 

The team were busy on several sites around the station.

The B&B entrance Clive, Peter & Paul fitting the new gate apparatus and fencing.

The refuse bin area Keith, Rod, Terry, Bob & Paul placing concrete around the base.

Dave working on the notice board which is reading to erect and here a Bench waiting for top coat..


John S and Neal were painting more roofing panels and fitting dagger boards.

The second train was hauled by our small Class 42xx Tank loco on the Cotswold Express and joined later in the day by our Peak loco Class 45 diesel.

Grass Cutting

Pat had got his strimmer out again cutting the embankment grass opposite the Mess Room.


It looks as if this snail has taken note of the weather forecast and climbed up the station wall.

Vic (Your Blog Reporter).

Thursday, 13 June 2019

What No Rain !

Wednesday 12th June 2019

Well no rain today at least , but Monday saw the three of us battle the elements to do a bit in and around the Station.

Whilst Tony was collecting wind blown pine cones off the drive and Dave giving the drive Notice board the first coat of black paint , Peter Q extended the Tiling around the small basin in the Kitchen.

Peter seen here finishing off the grouting , no more moaning from the kitchen staff having to wipe down the wall to the left of the basin.

Wednesday saw 10 volunteers turn up , more that anticipated considering the weather forcast.

A small gang headed down to remove the shuttering from around the concrete base for the Wheelie bins .

The area around will eventually be built up and a suitable surround provided to hide the bins.

Top of the drive the sliding gate was having the rollers fitted to the gate foundations.

Above Peter has attached the rollers to the foundations and was just removing the bolt excess and in the second picture the beam that carries the gate is checked for being level .The end stops were then fitted and tested for smooth running.

Now came the fence posts , two wooden post for now and the matching metal gate post , as the fence post auger was away on another site these holes were dug the old fashion way on your knees and by hand !

Elsewhere Dave gave the notice board another coat of black

It seems to take ages to paint anything as you can only do one coat per visit .That is 1 primer , 2 undercoats and then 2 top coats , then the other side which could be the same .

Peter and Dave then over to paint some of the footbridge sheets, they too need several layers of paint , Neal is reaching a point where these sheets will be  needed very soon on the stairs.

Our new Volunteer Chas had a go at the overgrown GWR garden sign .

He eventually joined Mike on the stairs painting the frame work before the sheets are installed.

Luckily the rain had stayed away all day and the trains looked reasonably full , our Locomotive of the day pulled the first train of the day.

 " 2807 " soon to head back to Cheltenham pulling the 10.50 

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

King and Concrete

Wednesday 5th June 2019

A much better day weather wise , a perfect day for a bit of concreting .there were quite a few early birds ( volunteers ) around as the mixer was due at 8 o clock.

Time for Tony and Peter to check that all was well with the gate foundations and nothing had move from the previous week.

A 8 o clock plus a little bit  , the mixer  arrived and all hands took to the task of filling the gate post foundations .

That job completed everyone then headed to the new slab. By 9.30 both jobs had been completed !

The Volunteers then decided that it was time for a early break so off to the mess hut for a well deserved brew.

In the restaurant , Dave and Ray put up the final poster frame , whilst elsewhere Peter changed a round door handle ( which the ladies found difficult to turn ) to a lever handle .

The bottom of the drive notice board which had seen better days was taken down and Dave on Monday constructed a new one  .

Ray was given the task of applying the first coat of primer and after lunch it was dry enough for the under coat .

With all this spare labour around after the concreting what was more relaxing than doing a bit of gardening !

Paul , Bob and Rod on patch behind Platform 1 with Clive removing the old vegetation , whilst over on Platform 2 Tony was on the mower .

The Locomotive of the day was " King Edward II " pulling into the Station on its second run of the day to Broadway .